Name of High Education Program

Sinop University Vocational School,

Education language

The language of education in Vocational School is Turkish.

Education period

The education period of the Vocational School is 2 years.


Conditions for the optional foreign language preparatory class

There is no foreign language preparation practice in our Vocational School.

Conditions regarding internship, education-training model (how many semesters are applied in a year, practical training in sectors and enterprises, etc.), industry-based education internship, how practical training is carried out and whether internships can be done outside the province where the relevant higher education institution is located.

Summer internships are carried out for at least 30 working days at the end of the second academic year, in the relevant field. Summer internships are carried out in accordance with the Sinop University Vocational Schools Internship Directive and are held in domestic and foreign public or private institutions on the dates specified in the Academic Calendar.

Mesleğin gerektirdiği kıyafet ve donanım malzemelerine ilişkin koşullar

Ders uygulamalarında kullanılacak sarf malzeme, araç ve gereç gideri; sınav, materyal ve eğitim öğretim hizmeti karşılığı öğretim giderlerine ilişkin koşullar

The content of the program, the conditions of the campus/campus where the faculty, college and vocational school are located

In our Vocational School Building located within the Sinop University Campus area; There are 4 lecture halls, 20 classrooms, 5 Computer Labs, 7 Workshops, 1 Canteen, Male/Female Masjid, Parking Lot. In addition, our building has the Orange Flag, which is an unobstructed access flag.

Programa ilişkin eğitim ve öğretimin gerçekleştirildiği yer/yerleşke

Opportunities to work as part-time students

In line with the interests and abilities of the students, Sinop University offers our students the opportunity to work part-time in order to contribute to the development of their personalities and skills by working in a job, and to contribute to their development as productive individuals who have acquired work discipline.
In line with the principles of Sinop University Part-Time Student Employment Directive, the application conditions, time and working methods are determined and the opportunity to work on a unit basis is offered.

Accommodation opportunities

Dormitory facilities are provided by the Credit and Hostels Institution in the province of Sinop. In addition, private dormitories and hostels are available in our city.

Transportation Facilities

Transportation to the Vocational School building is made by minibus lines from the city center.

Scholarship opportunities

Sinop University students can benefit from the loan and scholarship opportunities of the Credit and Hostels Institution, as well as the scholarship opportunities of various institutions and private institutions. In addition, scholarship opportunities are offered to successful students through the Sinop University Foundation.

Nutritional Aid and Facilities

There is a canteen in our school. There is also a cafeteria in the student life center. To our students;

Cooking Scholarship

Starting from the beginning of each academic year, the Department of Health, Culture and Sports offers free meals to our students. Nutrition support is provided throughout the academic year through the Sinop University Foundation.

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